Alchemist Pte Ltd

We are a Japanese-affiliated  marketing company specialising in Singapore’s culinary industry. Alchemist helps clients achieve customers’ needs by empowering them with relevant, accurate content and distributing them through the services that we provide. Starting 2022, we have extended our services to Malaysia & Vietnam. 

In 2014, from a small cooking class with only 5 students, our food event business began and our clients have now increased our range of services as we have responded to requests from a variety of clients.

As of 2023, our main operations are as follows.
1) Marketing, event, PR, and production services (including recipes and videos)
2) Market research, consumer research, and food research related to business development in Southeast Asia
(3) Support for market entry and business matching related to Japanese food ingredients and related products

About the company

【Our Mission】

In 2014, our culinary brand “Spoonful” was launched with the idea of conveying the importance of food and the enjoyment of eating, through the culinary events that we execute.  In just shortly over a year, we had held over a hundred events and to date,  we are proud to have connected with over 10,000 people at our culinary events. The success of Spoonful attracted the attention of companies, governments agencies and officials from both Japan and Singapore. In 2016,  our corporate brand , Alchemist Pte. Ltd. was launched as a food marketing & PR company. We provide Public Relations support, marketing consultancy, content production and business networking services. As we are also a certified JETRO Advisor,  we have helped over 300 businesses in the food industry. During these consultations, we come to realise that Japanese food is indeed a kind of “treasure”, this treasure has been buried because of insufficient marketing methods and distribution means. 

At Alchemist we put our best team forward to uncover this treasure of Japanese food and polish it so that everyone around the world can enjoy its glory. 

【Company Value】

  1. Take time to listen and address the needs of the client.
  2. Discuss and build an accurate marketing plan with the client.
  3. Empower the clients with relevant, accurate content distributed through our network of services!
  4. 100% Satisfaction!

Our Strength

Why Us

-Consultation about export, local strategic planning, buyer search, marketing, sales, etc.,

☑Consumer preferences and well established understanding of the local market in Singapore.
The market representatives and more than half of our employees are Singaporeans or permanent residents and we know the local market like the back of our hands.

☑Consultant who can consult the local situation firmly.
We have received consultation and support for the advancement of the food industry in Singapore, including JETRO and more than 300 companies so far. We can inform you about the local situation and propose a fair strategy that suits each company.

☑Good connections and contact with local companies and government agencies.
Being a locally registered company, we maintain good connections with the local authorities and government agencies to keep ourselves abreast with the latest update in the industry.

☑Operates JFBN (Japanese F&B Network) 
JFBN is a food network with over 200 Japanese food-related brands in Singapore. Advertising and outreach can be done to this network! Business matching with local suppliers, chefs and retailers is also possible.

☑Providing an E-commerce Platform
Products can be sold at partner stores (import / export operations in collaboration with partner companies)

☑Well established regional support
Our services expands regionally into Malaysia and Vietnam other than Singapore.

Our Clientele

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