Japanese F&B Network in Singapore

About Us

JFBN is a platform in Singapore for the food industry with more than 1000 over Japanese restaurants, food manufacturers,  wholesalers, and others in the food business as members. 

The network efficiently matches “local chefs” with “Japanese food ingredients” and collaborates with Japan’s food export efforts to create successful demand- supply relationships that meet the objectives of both parties.

Singapore's Largest

We are Singapore's Largest Japanese Food & Beverage / Food Industry Network

Information Platform

We are one platform that helps grow the entire Japanese food industry.

Established Network

We offer detailed business matching among food related businesses within our unique network


We offer a one-stop solution and support for the PR and sales of Japanese ingredients.

Common challenges when expanding overseas

Buyer's Challenges

  • Can’t find a new suppliers.
  • Wants good quality ingredients at a reasonable price.
  • Do not have time to answer calls, emails, search the web, etc

Seller's Concerns

  • Want to conduct efficient sales activities.
  • Suppliers are fixed.
  • Lack of information on products for sale, etc.

Challenges in surrounding industries

  • Difficulty in gathering needs and issues.
  • Want to conduct efficient sales.
  • Not able to introduce their products and services.

Issues when considering expansion

  • Difficulty in gathering information.
  • Want to start overseas business with a small burden.
  • Lack of human resources, language capability & business customs know-how.

How JFBN Works

Information on domestically produced food ingredients from Japan is constantly and efficiently disseminated through JFBN

JFBN Services


Matching work with Japanese and local companies

Product development support for local markets

Meeting with government agencies, NGO organizations, etc.

Test Marketing
For a limited period of time, member stores will conduct restaurant tie-ups, sell food products, and conduct surveys of store customers. By listening to local feedback, companies considering expansion can make projections regarding sales and response, which can then be used for product localization, etc.


Setting up business meetings, accompanying customers, follow-up sales

Order constraint support, commercial distribution setup

Sales channel/tie-up partner development (sales rep function)

Provide schemes that benefit both parties by connecting restaurants and food suppliers in Singapore with Japanese companies entering the market.


Various surveys utilizing our network (questionnaires, interviews, tasting)

Market research (Singapore, Southeast Asia)

Provide information using the latest data

Pop-up stores (for test marketing purposes)

Market research

Conduct market research in collaboration with JFBN members. Arrangement of awareness and preference surveys to be used by Japanese companies for product development and selection/development of products to be sold overseas.


Distribution of ads directed to members

Ad serving to local food and beverage networks

Local media, SNS, influencer marketing

Various creative and WebSite production support

Interpretation/mannequin arrangement, translation services

Sales promotion marketing

We provide comprehensive marketing support in addition to information dissemination to members in order to increase brand awareness and transactions. Even if you do not have much overseas marketing know-how, we can provide sales promotion support measures tailored to the local market.

PR Support

Tie-ups with prominent influencers and digital media to efficiently spread information from Japan. We will communicate the attractiveness of the products and ingredients, and arrange for occasional visits to Japan to cover the event. By disseminating a wide range of information from the upstream of ingredients to the downstream of cuisine, we promote understanding and arouse the interest of consumers and media representatives.


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