Work and employment in LOC by April 30, 2021.

On March 3, 2021, the Manpower of Ministry (MOM) announced that starting May 1, 2021, LOC employment will no longer be allowed and a new work permit will be required.

A new work permit will be required.

Those who are currently working under LOC* will be able to work until the expiration date of their current LOC.

(Whether this can be extended is still being confirmed.

If you are working as a company director in LOC, you must be creating jobs for Singaporeans. (At least one person must be Singaporean or PR with a monthly salary of S$1400 + CPF.

In addition, at least 30% of the company’s capital must be held by Singapore or PR.

Further details will be announced on May 1.

*LOC: Letter of Consent: If you are a spouse of a certain Singapore work permit holder and have a DP (Dependent Pass), you can get a LOC from your company and work relatively easily.

The above information is based on our own research and we do not take any responsibility for the information.

We recommend that you contact MOM directly for more information.


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