【SG政府グラント情報】ローカル資本30%以上なら、P-Max $5000 Grant for SMEs(新規人材雇用に関して)補助あり

【SG政府グラント情報】ローカル資本30%以上なら、P-Max $5000 Grant for SMEs(新規人材雇用に関して)補助あり


S$5,000 またはS$10,000(シニア層)の補助が支払われる。


1. 2021年5月から新規雇用はありましたか?
2. S$2,500以上給与がその雇用者に支払われていますか?
3. シンガポール人またはPRでしょうか?
この3つに当てはまる場合は、 $5000の雇用補助金ができます。

1. SME Enrolment Form (For Employer) Download form
2. Scanned / Photocopied Front Side of NRIC (SME representative / Employer)
3. PMET Enrolment Form (For Employee) Download form
4. Scanned / Photocopied Front Side of NRIC (PMET / Newly Hired Employee)
5. Organization Contact Information Download form
6. ACRA Business Profile (Extracted within 6 months)
7. Employment contract of PMET



  • SME has not participated in “Max Talent Program” entitling them to the S$5000 assistance grant.
  • Registered or incorporated in Singapore
  • Made up of at least 30% Local shareholding
  • Annual sales turnover of not more than S$100 million
  • Company size not exceeding 200 employees
  • Have PMET job opportunities or hired a PMET within the last 3 months that offer a gross monthly salary of at least S$2,500, prior to program enrollment


  • Singapore citizen or Permanent Resident (PR)
  • Diploma / ‘O’ Level holder OR have prior work experience in a PMET job
  • Gross monthly salary of at least S$2,500
  • Graduated or completed National Service for a minimum period of 12 months


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