【SG News】日本から入国しやすく!入国時PCRテスト受検不要に!

【SG News】日本から入国しやすく!入国時PCRテスト受検不要に!


1 2021 年 12 月 31 日、

シンガポール保健省(MOH)は、国境措置(水際措置)の変 更について公表しました。

これにより、2022 年 1 月 7 日 23 時 59 分(シンガポール時 間)より、


到着時 PCR 検査受検が不要と なりました。

詳細は以下の保健省 HP をご確認ください。

【情報元】日本大使館 2022年1月4日WEB掲載情報 https://www.sg.emb-japan.go.jp/files/100281691.pdf

3.     We had earlier also required all non-VTL travellers entering Singapore to undergo on-arrival tests (OAT). This was to pick up the Omicron cases early, as the variant was new, and we wanted to learn more about it. As we have gathered more information on the Omicron variant, we have further assessed that OATs for non-VTL travellers, who are all required to serve a 7 or 10 day Stay Home Notice (SHN) either at their place of residence or at a dedicated facility, are no longer required. In addition, these travellers will also be required to undergo a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test at the end of their SHN, and have to test negative before they are allowed to exit SHN, further reducing the risk of onward transmission. Hence, from 7 January 2022, 2359 hours (Singapore time), all non-VTL travellers entering Singapore from Category II (non-VTL), III and IV countries will no longer be required to undergo a COVID-19 PCR test on-arrival.

【情報元】MOH 2021年12月31日WEB情報

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