Founder & Managing Director

Yasuko Aoki Kernin

After coming to Singapore in 2007, Aoki worked for a media company.
In 2014, she founded Alchemist Pte Ltd, a food event company in Singapore and launched Spoonful (food event brand) and executed about 100 events in only a year and a half. 
In 2015, she started to receive projects from government agencies, municipalities, and corporations.

In 2021, she became a JETRO Trade Coordinator representing Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food.

Aoki is also a 6th year student of APTWoman organized by Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

As a personal Instagram influencer of Singaporean food, she has received many PR projects from local companies.

Message from the Director:
We established the company in 2014 and are the only event, research & PR firm in Singapore that specialises in the Food Sector. Starting from a small B-to-C cooking school, our business have expanded to service the B-to-B trade industry as well.  Over the past six years, we have been commissioned by a wide range of clients from major MNC corporations to Government Agencies and have successfully completed numerous projects. With our extensive network and profound understanding of both Singapore and Japanese markets, we have achieved success and excellence for many of our clients and I am very proud of our teams’ hard work and achievements as we continue to grow and deliver. 
For companies that are unable to visit Singapore in person during this 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, we offer online business meetings and on-site surveys. We hope that our presence will help many of our clients expand their business in Singapore as well. 

Yasuko Kernin Aoki


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